A beautiful new addition to the Scott Galleries makes its debut on Oct. 22 with the opening of the Jonathan and Karin Fielding Wing. Named after the lead donors for the $10.3 million building project, the Fielding Wing was designed by Frederick Fisher and Partners and includes eight new rooms for the display of art. A stately glass entrance on the south side of the building mirrors the one on the north side, drawing visitors in from the main pathways in the central gardens. This new entrance, along with a reconfiguration of some of the rooms of the existing building, improves visitor flow and makes entering the galleries more inviting and intuitive.

An inaugural exhibition will showcase more than 200 works from the Fieldings’ collection of 18th- and early 19th-century American art works, including paintings, sculpture, furniture, ceramics, metal, needlework, and other related decorative arts. Some of the objects are promised gifts to The Huntington. In its rich diversity, the Fielding Collection offers a rare opportunity to explore early American history through objects made for daily use and through images of the people who used them.

With this expansion of the Scott Galleries (the third since 2009), The Huntington is now home to one of the largest displays of historical American art in the Western United States.