Haven Gallery is pleased to present "The Midsommar Dream", a solo exhibition of new paintings by Redd Walitzki. "The Midsommar Dream" is a glimpse of a rare moment, in between worlds, where Walitzki's mortals intermingle with creatures of mythology and imagination. Heavily inspired by Finnish landscape and lore, each painting blends ones dreams and realities together with the artist's ethereal use of watercolor and delicate detailing of her laser cut panels. Each painting is nebulous thematically and technically; her medium and painted elements pulsate and transcend echoing the flux of time and change between realms. They embrace the mysteries and the divine found in the deep recesses of forests and more intimately, in the most magical depths of ourselves.

To create these delicate paintings, Redd uses a a cutting-edge technique which combines oil painting and mixed media on laser-cut panel. The process starts with a watercolor underpainting/study to begin the composition & texture, which is transferred to the panel on ricepaper and then lasercut. Each piece is completed with many layers of oil glazes for depth and detail.

Redd Walitzki is a leading New-Contemporary artist, born in Germany and currently based in the US. Androgynous and elaborate, her pieces are a marker of life, commemorating a moth's four week- long flutter in the same celebratory way they do a human being's ninety-year journey. Much of her work is inspired by the lush rainforests of the Pacific Northwest and the ornate Baroque ornamentation of her native Bavaria. The vivid muses in her paintings are influenced by the glamour of high fashion, but Walitzki's works also often explore the darker side of human impact on ecology. Walitzki completed her B.F.A. from Cornish College of the Arts with a concentration in painting. Her art has been featured in galleries on both coasts of the U.S. and Internationally, as well as in various publications including Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and American Art Collector.