ArtProv Gallery will reveal the consequences of our interactions and interdependency with animals in two shows opening in October: “Urban Wildlife: Learning to Co-Exist” and “A Memory of Elephants.” The exhibits will open October 3 and run through November 9.

“Urban Wildlife: Learning to Co-Exist” is staged in collaboration with Creature Conserve (, run by Dr. Lucy Spelman, whose aim is to bring artists and scientists together to foster informed and sustained support for animal conservation. The exhibit, which features works by 40 artists, explores the lives of wild animals in urban areas and the human responses to this shared territory. The goal of the show is to encourage the viewing public to take an active role in healthy co-existence with urban animals. Dr. Spelman will lead a discussion titled “Art Can Save a Panda” at the gallery on November 7 from 6 to 8 p.m.

“A Memory of Elephants” features the works of Patricia Hansen. The mother/child elephant series evolved from a journey in northern Thailand, where she spent time with former working elephants, now rescued, learning to care for them and developing a bond and mutual trust in the process. Babies of different ages were present as well and the tender mother/child relationship was a joyous, life-affirming thing to witness. Upon return to the US, the elephants became a metaphor for Patricia of our relationship to the earth, prompting her to reflect more deeply about the issues of our co-existence and how we need to live now – respectful in a sustainable world.

“These shows are so important in helping to raise awareness of the impact of our relationships with species, both common and endangered, and how we need to work to ensure our combined health, survival and success,” said gallery co-owner Michele Aucoin. “With the emotionally-charged works, we hope visitors take notice, and action.”

All of the works in the exhibit will be for sale. The gallery will donate 10 percent of all proceeds from the show to Creature Conserve.