The autumn has always been my favorite season, and I consider October to be the final in a beautiful display of colors and romantic atmosphere. There is some sort of mysticism that lingers over this season, and especially October, when the nights have become even darker and the leaves have mostly turned red.

One of my favorite things to do during this month is to take walks in the evenings, especially when it has rained during the day. As you walk on the murky streets, you can see how the street lamps reflect on the ground and the air is somehow so crispy fresh. During the walks you can enjoy the light from the moon and stare into the sky to try to catch a glimpse of one of the constellations.

In Reykjavík, Iceland, you can often expect to start seeing the Northern lights during October. Sometimes even sooner, but now begins the real time of dancing green hues in the sky. The days in Oslo are longer, since the city is situated farther south than Reykjavík, so I haven‘t had the fortune of seeing the Aurora Borealis here, but instead I get to hang on to my season a little bit longer.

When I first moved away from my dear island up in the north, I heard about a phenomenon people call the second summer. It's when it suddenly becomes warm again, after it started getting cold, and that's something we're currently experiencing here in Oslo. It's wonderful to be able to sit outside again, enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend or some dinner.

In my opinion, autumn is the most romantic season. It's the season to start a relationship or do something cozy with your significant other. A candlelight dinner, cuddling under a blanket, and long walks are all things I enjoy during this time. It's not too cold for a light jacket, and there's no prickling frost attacking your face as when you get deeper into the winter. You can still enjoy the nature and being outside without dressing in wool and skymasks.

It's not only the temperature that is great during this time but also the light. It's neither bright nor dark but you get all sorts of orange, red, and aquamarine hues that exagerrate the nature around. It's just beautiful when the sun breaks through the colorful leaves while an orange border looms underneath. Nature's canvas is seldom as beautiful as one of those clear autumn skies.

During this month you'll start seeing Christmas decorations pop up in various stores. I enjoy it; it reminds me that soon I'll get vacation to spend with my family. A lot of people don't like Christmas coming so early, but for me, mid- to late-October is a good time to start. The holidays are a wonderful time, and I don't mind getting a chance to enjoy them a little longer.

So grab your jacket, jump outside, and soak in the nature and temperate weather while you can. Or cuddle up to your loved ones inside while enjoying a nice movie or reading a good book. It's all up to you to decide how to celebrate the wonderful month of October!