RKG is proud to bring new works by four outstanding artists both local and international, with a wide range of style and subject matter. On the one hand, Silvia Argiolas and Raffael Iglesias brings immediate connection of individual experience, which appear as artwork discourse, while on the other hand, Agron Bregu and Daniel Segrove's are open to both subject and skill with contemplative quality.

Her sense of the moment within her painting-like drawings are rooted in the blinks of life experiences. They are casual, suggestive, restless. Silvia paints as seamlessly as life lived first-hand, spontaneously. "My work is not mediated by sketches or preliminary drawings because I prefer to intervene directly on paper or on canvas, indulging the feelings that I experience at that moment. Many of the characters that fill my paintings, also at the same time vaguely resemble me, stealing my identity. This allows me to be an integral part of the narrative, and the painting becomes for me a kind of psychoanalysis... I ask myself constantly questions about human behaviour, but with curiosity, without judging, because I will not be the one to define "good" and "bad". That task I leave in the end to the viewer." The haunting work of Milan-based painter Silvia Argiolas has been shown in solo exhibitions at RKG, always attracting attention.

Raffael's work in this exhibition brings the eclectic potential conceived and produced during his residency of the past two months, which marked a return to painting after a long hiatus. Iglesias' work is rooted in his inner nature, focused with comfort, facing the uncomfortable in artistic practice as in life. "My work has always been a marriage of aesthetic boundaries, intersecting 'high' and 'low' art. Thisexhibition is an aesthetic extension of my previous work. My aesthetic approach is ... like the relationship a samurai has with his sword."

Everyday, mundane or monotonous life, trying to project Segrove's own experience or significance onto ordinary scenes, exploring the monotonous routines and overlooked moments. A dissonant look at day-to-day life, situations and environments that are easily passed by but have a sense of fleeting importance. Like the moments themselves the work is rendered in a way that shows where context and emptiness coexist. A nihilistic approach to painting, often unfinished and mostly empty but still with the sense of activation, unity and order.

Daniel’s explorations of traditional subjects such as portraits and the human form are unconventional. His work incorporates oil paint, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, graphite, collage, and mixed visual disciplines. Daniel Segrove is a graduate in multidisciplinary mixed media with a BFA from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Daniel currently lives and works in California, and has shown his work in the United States and internationally.

Self-portraits are where we see contemplative and eclectic elements inform the nature of Gon’s painting. Low-key subjects are rendered fluently; vulnerability transcends Gon’s painting, making it open to the sublime. Certainty becomes a tested act in painting. Agron Bregu's work is in the permanent collection of the National Art Gallery of Albania. Garnering attention from art lovers since his debut, Gon lives and works in Athens, Greece.