Robert Kananaj Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of recent sculptures and paintings by Oscar Figueroa. From the beginnings of Oscar’s collaboration with RKG four years ago, his work has continuously gravitated towards something we may call "conceptual-hyperrealistic". Attentiveness to experience informs the work, appearing as an abrupt element but contained by his distilled approach.

Oscar converses with found materials, speaking a language chosen in the blink of a thought or feeling, to words or ideas and concepts. Poetry within both artist and material, mundane and socially apparent, invites experience as an observant viewer.

Cutting off movement, cutting off motion, cutting off swirls and slides, swirls and slides go to an unexpected ending. Going and then stopping. Half-finished, half-started, motion forced, start and stop, start and stop.

Oscar Figueroa (b. 1990, Hamilton, Ontario) currently lives and works in Toronto. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design University in 2013 with a BFA in Drawing & Painting, and a minor in English studies. He has exhibited solo and group shows in Toronto and Miami. "Slides" is Oscar Figueroa’s third solo exhibition with RKG.