On Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October, it will be time once again for the 'Baccanale del Tartufo' (Truffle Bacchanale) and the 'Borgo si rievoca' (The Boroughs Remember) events, two very special occasions to get to know more about Alba's fascinating history and traditions.

The Truffle Bacchanale is a night-time event and this year will be set entirely in the Middle Ages. Visitors will be plunged into the magical atmosphere of an entirely torch-lit town centre full of the sounds and scents of centuries past. Medieval music and entertainers will complete the scene. Tourists who have participated in previous years' events, tell of an emotionally inspiring and unforgettable experience.

On the following day, Sunday 16th October, it is the turn of 'Il Borgo si rievoca', another medieval-based festival with songs, street cries, costumes and day-to-day activities straight from the Middle Ages – plus plenty of good things to eat and drink! From the Langa and Roero, there will be a selection of traditional local fare, to be washed down with liberal quantities of the area's excellent wines. And afterwards – entertainments and dancing with the people of the town, following Alba's century-long tradition of hospitality and warmth.

Truffle Bacchanale Baccanale del Tartufo

Alba's historical centre (Turin)

15th October from 8.30 pm

The Boroughs Remember Il Borgo si Rievoca

Alba's historical centre (Turin)

16th October

10 am – 7 pm