In this immersive exhibition, you’ll “shrink” to 1/100th of your actual size—smaller than a penny—to take a closer look at the soil beneath our feet.

Once you’re down to size, you’ll meet a creepy, crawly cast of characters, including a giant mole cricket and a wolf spider. You’ll learn about the diversity of life that soil supports and how every species needs soil to survive and thrive.

Soil is easy to take for granted—it’s everywhere, often right beneath our feet. But it also nourishes plants like cotton, which eventually become the clothes we wear. It sustains our food sources, from fruits and vegetables to animal proteins.

Whether you’re touring the wild and exciting underground insect world or examining soil samples as a scientist, Underground Adventure shows how important this ubiquitous organic material is to human life and other organisms. It also encourages us to think about our role in preserving our ecosystems for generations to come.