The project infiltrates the Designer and Beauty online community on YouTube. This community consists of thousands of girls who create vlogs, usually via webcam, recording from their bedrooms - detailing their everyday lives from "This is my new Prada Bag" to "Why I started My Channel - Fired From Gucci".

Huett's project uses eight female actors, each given a fictional name, a constructed bedroom set, a constructed back narrative specific to each character - and assigns them each with their own YouTube channel. Each vlog the actors record is scripted by Tom Huett. Over time, real YouTube girls interact with these constructed fictional YouTube girls and vice versa. Huett is in control of each constructed channel and exhibits the end results of the project as a two-screen video work at Carlos/Ishikawa.

As time goes on, each uploaded video starts to become a content generating mechanism– the actors introduce fictional narratives / stories which instigate 'real' content through real YouTube users interacting with their vlogs, influencing and affecting the narratives of each character. These new narratives in turn can themselves become new starting points - new realities - new archetypes.

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