The human body is a magnificent machine, incredibly complex and ever-changing. Human, the Montréal Science Centre’s new permanent exhibition, takes us to the very heart of human evolution through a fully interactive and highly energetic environment. Designed to demystify the fascinating universe of the body, the exhibition’s two remarkably participative and stimulating zones offer a physical and tactile experience complete with demonstrations and hands-on activities.

You are the result of millions of years of transformation. Discover your place along human evolution thanks to this interactive exhibition. Understand what makes us human and catch a glimpse of what we might become in the future.

If we count the number of hairs per square centimetre, we find that humans and chimps both have about the same amount. Yet human hairs are very short and very fine which explains why we appear more "naked" than our chimp counterparts. However scientists still can't agree on why certain parts of our body – like our scalp – have retained longer hairs.