La Luz de Jesus Gallery is pleased to present :’( artist Lonesome Town this marks the artists’ first exhibition. Lonesome Town is known for the Sad Clown Public Installations the artist paints on discarded massed produced consumer products relegated to the curbsides and alleyways around Los Angeles. The artist will be creating an immersive installation just for La Luz de Jesus Gallery.

Art critic Shana Nys Dambrot writes “Empathy and paint markers prepare the artist known as Lonesome Town for the random encounters that inspire him — not with people but instead with the things they discard, ignore and neglect. A fridge, a sidewalk stain, a dirty electrical box, a dinged-up street sign, a television monitor and so very, very many couches — where others see litter, Lonesome Town sees a lost soul that really needs a sad clown face in its life.

With the addition of his crisp, cartoonish, colorful clown-mask paintings, the situation gets exponentially more funny, creepy and photogenic. Mostly he chronicles these public art adventures on Instagram, but for this exhibition at La Luz de Jesus, the artist will be creating an immersive sculptural installation as well. It's probably fine, but maybe don't touch anything.