Angels are coming down from heaven? They fall down, with their clipped wings, without their power, diminished to the state of humans! Where are those who were our guides? What means this fall? What happen to them?

Angel’s wings bring them over the crowd, over the mire. Those attributes show their difference with Man. When they disappear, the angel becomes heavy and fall. To stay alive, they need believing, they need altruism, they need nobility of soul. For too long, human beings are offering them avidity, cupidity, malice and egocentricity as feeding. They were numerous; they have been decimated by a deadly pandemic, a sadistic and surely suffering devolution. Each one of their falls into forgetfulness and the transformation process begins, as cruel and efficient as a death penalty.

Look at the Angels’ fall, they twilight, their decrepitude. During that fall, angels take shape, their bodies take shape, twist, deform, cry painfully. They will hurt the soil, they will hurt themselves but won’t die, it should be too easy, they will stay alive. Many of them are probably already between us, living as humans. Their Light is tailing out. We are not really in obscurity, there, a little spark could be a beacon; we are in a lack of light, a lack of contrasts, a lack of differences; we are in the uniformity of nothingness. We are in a space where we must establish a list of belonging, we must calculate.

Shadow is their new permanent companion. They entangle into it, they ravel into it, they lost themselves into it like in a mis fitting cloth. They were Light, they are now stocked with this coat of darkness, too heavy, too wide. They have to fight Shadow, they cannot loosen it now. They wear it like human wears his own darkness, his inside drama, his stain of original sin.

We can not complain about them, they are becoming humans.