Natalia Pronina is a master of color harmonies. Her paintings are an intuitive painting that becomes possible only at the limit of creative concentration. Its purpose is to slow down the internal time to a frequency that allows to perceive beauty, which in another, more dynamic state remains indistinguishable to the eyes.

In Natalia Pronina's paintings are streams of light - they penetrate the canvas, and we can observe its vibrations: the light of the sun, the light of the moon fill the space and turn it into a single whole - in it "dreams disappear in the light of day, but the shadows remain in its depth" . Such a world does not reproduce external reality and does not reflect it. It exists by itself. Entering this space, you do not understand what is happening to you, you do not expect anything and do not depend on anyone. At this moment, you are closest to the ideal image of your inner self. You find yourself in a symbolic superfluid reality that envelops you and imbues you with an extract of happiness.

Lidiya Zaremba admires the beauty of a woman. In order to see her real, she overcomes the outer form and turns to her inner plastic image. In the artist, the essence of a woman is expressed in color relations, in which she enters with the surrounding world. She gives herself to a reality that picks up her, like a wave, and carries it further - into the unknown. The paintings are written so that the viewer thinks that the woman fills the space of the picture as long as they look at it. She demonstrates herself, but it's worth looking out, how she disappears, carried away by a light wave. Women are in continuous development, they are inexplicable and unpredictable. They are in a state of continuous formation, subjugate the world around them, changing with them. The heroines of Lydia Zaremba's paintings are exposed, but only to see better the light emanating from them, which continuously moves in the space of the picture and fills everyone who is able to see it. Vyacheslav Surikov, editor of the cultural department of the magazine "Expert" (Russia, Moscow)