In 2018, the National Museum of History (NМН) celebrates 45 years. The Jubilee is a time to take stock and on this solemn occasion the NМН team exhibits an exhibition through which the history of the museum can be traced in posters, photos, catalogs and awards.

The exhibition "45 years NМН" consists of: • 55 plaque from the exhibitions of NIM. The first is from 1975, the latter since the first years since 2000, presented in Plenary Hall. One of them is at the first exhibition "Prehistoric Art in Bulgaria" from 1975.

• The posters of some of the most representative exhibitions of Thracian gold abroad - from London, Vienna, Mexico, Seville, Munich, etc .

• 35 catalogs of exhibitions through which it can be traced and how the funds of the National Museum of HIstory have been enriched with valuable exhibits.

• Diplomas, invitations, travel guides, awards and diplomas to the museum since 2000. Among the awards we can highlight the prestigious - from the 2002 European Museum Forum, a joint award of NMH and Moto-Pfohe from the IX International tourist exhibition, diploma from the 15th Salon of Arts in the National Palace of Culture, etc .

• The proceedings of NMH from 1976 to 2014, which show the evolution of the editions. Perhaps the most interesting for the visitors will be the five books of impressions of the last four decades, in which their enthusiastic reviews of the museum are recorded by cultural figures, politicians, heads of state such as Todor Zhivkov, presidents Zhelyu Zhelev and Petar Stoyanov, Prime Minister Ivan Kostov, General Director of UNESCO Federico Major (since July 12, 1988) and ordinary citizens.

Many photographs are included in the exhibition - an invaluable testimony to the 45-year history of NMH. These are photos from the opening of the first exhibitions of NMH, its expositions and large exhibitions. For the first time, authentic photographs are published, many of which are from the personal archive of museum specialists who, in a casual and often entertaining way, show the "inner" life of the museum.