The collection comprises a constantly evolving body of works that naturally falls into four categories: Contemplative, Pop, Expressionist, Music & Sound.

The collection can be explored through events at the Foundation and elsewhere. Online, the collection is presented in the same way. All artworks that have been displayed since the Fondation opened can be viewed on the website - currently 268 pieces by 102 artists.

Conceived with a long-term vision of engagement with a wide public, the collection is essentially made up of artworks that date from the 1960s to the current day. It is structured around the stated aims of its founder, Bernard Arnault.

The Fondation’s collection does not expect to rival the objectivity or comprehensiveness of a public collection. It hopes to share with visitors the emotions and questions that can be generated by art, and the latter’s ability to break the rules and reframe our perspective of the world. The collection is naturally divided into four categories: Contemplative, Pop, Expressionist, Music & Sound.

The Fondation does not want to ignore the context of the collection’s history or the diversity of its forms, languages and expressions. It aims to reflect both the breadth of the constantly expanding realm of creativity as well as the turbulent and rapidly changing reality of our world, which challenges our thinking. Its purpose is to pursue an open exploration in terms of both geography and ideas, echoing their vibrations with a subtle undercurrent of critical reflection.