Designed for the 140-foot-long wall in MASS MoCA’s Hunter Center Mezzanine, New York-based artist Chris Domenick’s new work, 5 O D A Y S, rethinks the decorative and mass-produced character of traditional wallpaper with a hybrid interpretation of his own. The large-scale work on drawing paper combines simple screen-printing processes with painting, collage, and drawing, and references Cy Twombly’s cycle of ten monumental paintings titled Fifty Days at Iliam (1978).

Domenick’s varied art practice includes sculpture, painting, works on paper, and performance, in which he creates works that inhabit multiple mediums or disciplines including both fine art and design. He adopts materials and gestures informed by quotidian American public spaces, suburban culture, and everyday objects, and often works directly with the architecture of a given site.

Domenick’s work also focuses on mark-making of all kinds, from the line of a pen to the scratches in a linoleum countertop, a material Domenick often uses as a canvas in his object-like paintings.