Mot International Brussels is delighted to present Cally Spooner's first solo show with the gallery. The artist will present a Book, and a U Turn. The show operates as a bridge between two bodies of work, one which is closing, the other just beginning.

Collapsing In Parts was a year long solo show with International Project Space now 'settled' in to a novella, published by Mousse. Collapsing in Parts unfolded as an investigation into creative progress, publicness and improvement read through the emergence of new performance economies found in organisational, sporting and political spheres. Collapsing in Parts approached the notion of performance as a promise, wherein the challenge to produce, and the constant revisions involved, became part of the performance itself.

And As The Medieval Cloisters Connect Seamlessly With The Corridors of Power...I’m quietly confident (U-turn) has been developed from an excerpt from the work And You Were Wonderful, On Stage is a peripatetic musical. The production evolves as it moves between institutions, beginning at the Stedelijk Museum in April, to stage how spectacle inhabits language as it moves from the screen and stage into the thick of lived experience, where it deadens the drive for difference and performs a making-technical of life. With musical direction and composition by Peter Joslyn, and a growing cast of performers, the musical has so far re-staged a number of current affairs where instances of automation parade as liveness, and performance promises are met, then broken. Characters include Beyonce's lip sync at Obama's Inauguration, Lance Armstrong's Oprah Winfrey confession, and Michael Gove’s U Turn, which arrived in the UK last February.

Cally Spooner (1983; Ascot, UK) is based in London. Recent solo exhibitions and performances include And you Were Wonderful, On Stage, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2013); Seven Thirty Till Eight, Kunsthal Charlottenburg, Copenhagen, Denmark (2013); Collapsing In Parts, International Project Space, Birmingham, UK (2012); Cally Spooner: Footnote 5, (with Dulcie Lewis and Peter Joslyn), ICA, London, UK (2012); It’s 1957, and The Press Release Still Isn’t Written, Hermes und der Pfau, Germany (2011). Group exhibitions include Relaunch, KW Institute, Berlin, DE (2013); A Spoken Word Exhibition, Jeu De Paume, Paris, France (2013); Memory Marathon, Serpentine Gallery, London, UK (2012); And Yet There They Still Are, with Sidsel Meineche Hansen, LUX, London, UK (2012); I Proclaim You Proclaim We Proclaim, Stroom, The Hague, NL, curated by Capucine Perrot (2012); Outrageous Fortune, Focal Point Gallery, Southend on Sea, UK (2011); Une Exposition (du) Sensible, Synagogue Du Delme, France (2010); Session_6_Lecture, Am Nuden Da, London (2009); Two Lectures, Neue Alte Breuke Gallery, Frankfurt (2008).

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