The exhibition En busca de un muro (In Search of a Wall) takes as starting point José Clemente Orozco’s stay in New York and his search for a mural. After his arrival to this city, the muralist accompanied the historian Alma Reed to a party in Eva Palmer’s apartment at the seventh story of number 12 in fifth avenue. At the party, Orozco met the peculiar group of intellectuals that composed the secret society “Delphic Circle” for the first time. They were looking for the resurgence of Ancient Greece. For them, Delphos represented the omphalos of the world.

The muralist became friends with the critic and mystic Claude Bragdon, a hardworking intellectual of the architecture who, for years, had dramatically transformed his architectural work through light, space, and fourth dimension theories, through the design of theatrical configurations. His main contribution during the 20’s was the theatrical movement “New Stagecraft”.

The Mexican poet José Juan Tablada was also part of that circle. His friendship with Bragdon was extremely important, specially their shared admiration for the theory of the fourth dimension of P.D Ouspensky.

This exhibition proposes an interaction between different pieces of Museo Tamayo’s collection, from contemporary artists and archive documents, and it thinks about Bragdon’s radical ideas. It also covers the influence that theosophy, philosophy, politics, and aesthetic had on the Delphic Circle about the artists of that time.