Curators: María José Salazar, member of the Visual Arts Advisory Committee at Fundación Botín, and Joan Punyet Miró, Joan Miró’s grandson and figurehead of Sucessió Miró.

A show to be exhibited solely at the Centro Botín, this group of works focus on the creative process of Joan Miró (Barcelona, 1893-Palma, 1983), in particular, on his sculptures. Over one hundred of them, as well as drawings, photographs, videos and other items, some of which have never been shown before, will be on display.

The assembly of materials collected on his walks, the transformation of the objects he found and the impossible combination of everyday utensils are some of the techniques Miró used to create profoundly poetical pieces. In the words of the artist himself, ‘It is as if I were attracted by a magnetic force to an object without thinking about it; then I turn to another object that becomes linked to the first one, causing a poetic crash. Before, I am struck by a physical, plastic Cupid’s arrow. It is then that poetry really moves me. Otherwise, it would not be effective…’