Her unstructured artistic practice is marked by the consciousness of space and light. Her work is deep and timeless. It lays bare the most varied elements of the universe. She has been influenced by abstract painting learned from Olivier Debré, Pierre Soulages, Karel Appel and Bengt Lindström, whose works inspired her to engage light, senses, colors and material in her own work.

Her works show her sensibility in the representation of her subjects; the gesture is then visible, the sense of color is exalted, the rhythm given to the canvas is like a natural beat. Broad and radiating lines give consistency to the painting.

Orsini’s works are striking, like a mirror reflecting the pure colors of nature, the uncontrollable forces of a savage world revealed by her expressive paintings.

The language of the artist appropriates the natural elements; natural essence is a primary concept in Monique Orsini’s work. The wind, the density of clouds or flowing water are unexpected factors that are nevertheless controlled by gravity.

The artist's paintings evoke the depth of a fictional and mental landscape, be it a floating cloud that crosses a mountain, a shallow river, a setting sun, or a morning mist revealing a distant horizon. The artist stands in the same way in front of the canvas: the gravity allows movement and a perfect harmony with the elements. By controlling the space and the laws of nature, she tames the spatiality on the canvas by internalizing the abstraction.

Thick layers and thin lines expand on a dynamic space. The artist experiments with colors in order to bring an illusion of depth to her lyrical compositions.

Acrylic painting is used like watercolor, which produces unexpected results for the interior landscapes with which Monique Orsini creates a synthesis of harmony and balance in the cosmos. “Painting is essential to me, just like breathing. It compels me to a free consented discipline, and at the same time stimulates and balances me.”

In 1970 she has won the Monnier prize. Bengt Lindström supported her and encouraged her to show her work, especially in Sweden during the 1980s. It has been exhibited internationally, including Beyrouth, Istanbul, Barcelona, Taiwan and Copenhagen.