Inception Gallery presents "Abstract Sculptures" from American artist Matt Devine.

His work can be found in numerous collections, such as the one of Evan Spiegel (co-founder of Snapchat), Fred Couples (famous professional golfer), Morgan Stanley, Drew Houston (co-founder of Dropbox), Tom Ford, Raul Gutierrez, or the Otto Bremer Foundation...

The American artist Matt Devine started sculpting in 2004.

The contrasts of shadow and light, of lightness and heaviness, chaos and order are the main themes running through his artworks.

"I like to let my works speak by themselves", Devine said during his last exhibition.

One can find in Matt Devine’s metal sculptures a reference to the simple geometric shapes and the main colors used in abstract art, and to the mid-20th century Minimalism.

His sculptures are standing in a perfect balance, they convey a feeling of lightness in harmony with the materials they are made with.

The forms of his sculptures, with their simplified aesthetic, their clean and harmonious shapes give them and a quiet and soothing strength evoking inner peace.

The artist’s preference for primary colors, curves and controlled chaos his unique and contribute to the sensibility and the sensuality of his work.

Matt Devine is interested by the strength of metallurgy, its properties and the possibility of transforming the raw material into the chosen shape.

This interest for the material can be found in the feeling of presence and controlled manipulation of the space conveyed by his works.

The pared-down organic shapes are formed out of sheet metal with steel, copper, aluminum and bronze. These usually heavy materials are bended, welded together to form patterns making them appear light and aerial. He creates a real relation with his materials that is visible through their simplified forms.

Matt Devine is a self-taught artist that works directly on the materials. He develops a practice of composition that is revealed by the subtle balance of the shapes.