Jackson Fine Art is thrilled to announce Blue Alabama, the debut of a much-anticipated new body of work from photographer Andrew Moore.

Moore began work on a series set in the south in 2010, initially travelling to Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi before shifting his focus to Alabama, in particular the Black Belt, a rich and complex region Moore calls "the most prominent social and cultural feature of Lower Alabama." The 14 photographs comprising this forthcoming exhibition evince Moore's signature style - large format prints captured by an 8x10 view camera and shot on film. Their scale and clarity enable the viewer to step into the Blue Alabama storybook unguarded and freely crossing thresholds of humanity equal in scope and richness.

American photographer Andrew Moore (born 1957) carved his place in the art world making large format color photographs. His series-typically taken over the course of many years-capture the effect of time on natural and man-made landscapes. His emotive work follows locales from Cuba to Russia and the United States, including slices of cities like Detroit and New York as well as broader regions including the High Plains and American South. Moore's documentary approach to the craft makes his work feel like a mixture of equal parts journalism and art. His photographs have appeared in dozens of publications and galleries. Moore currently teaches a graduate seminar in the MFA Photography Video and Related Media program at New York City's School of Visual Arts.

His work has appeared at Whitney Museum of American Art, Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Smithsonian Institute, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, J. Paul Getty Museum and countless galleries and museums across the U.S. Moore has also had solo exhibitions at Jackson Fine Art five times since 2003.