After almost ten years of mutual admiration of each other’s work, the two artists finally exhibit side by side and showcase their latest artworks in the exhibition Hypnotic Country Yoga. Later this year another duo show will follow on Ryan’s side of the ocean.

From the psychedelic patterns in Ryan’s paintings to the zen atmosphere in the interlaced interiors from Louis’ collages, the exhibition will live up to its title Hypnotic Country Yoga, especially since both artists recently took the plunge to move to the countryside.

With an interest in printed matter, book design and handicraft Louis Reith (Hengelo, 1983) creates drawings, collages, paintings and installations. Personal reminiscences and natural themes are translated into abstract compositions that play with the contrast between the mechanical and the natural and that balance the abstract and the figurative.

The work by Jonathan Ryan Storm (Phoenix, 1980) is about finding balance while solving a puzzle. He initiates his paintings with a basic strategy: working his way into a corner in order to find his way out. It’s a deliberate process, not an experiment.