God is Trans simply, holds a safe space visually for spirited queer folk. God is Trans is a visual movement! It does not Judge! It’s a safe space for the gender-full. The paintings empower spiritual fluidity that gives representation to people who love God.

In appreciation of Pride Month, The Richard Beavers Gallery is pleased to announce God is. Trans , an exhibition by contemporary urban expressionist, Genesis Tramaine.

God is Trans challenges the traditionally belief that God is male and ask the viewer to canvass God outside of traditional gender binaries but as “trans” - a spirit that occupies the spectrum between both genders. The series combines Genesis’s skills in printmaking, typography, and portrait painting and will include over 20 two-dimensional, and color filled genderless portraits and three-dimensional installations of visual narratives which exemplify taboo lifestyles and social barriers still present in traditional, religious practices, and institutions.

Richard Beavers Gallery is a staple in the urban art community, and I am excited about the work as well as the opportunity to engage the community that largely grew and cultivated my style, craft, and process,” says Genesis Tramaine.