Nuelis is a brand that was inspired by the Italian Renaissance, the great painter Sandro Boticelli and his eternal love for his muse Simonetta Vespucci. The first product was launched in May 2016 to bring out the individuality and sensitivity in every woman, as well as contribute to the blossoming of the original female fashion of top quality and design.

Their philosophy is that a woman is a special, beautiful, charismatic, mystical and a seductive being, and Nuelis emphasizes what lies within by making a woman closer to her inner self.

Tell us more about Nuelis roots. What was the prime idea behind the whole concept?

Nuelis is what I've been dreaming about, but never found it available for purchase as one product. So I came up with the idea of designing an item which would serve not only as an exceptional accessory for women, but also as an reminder of who they really are.

The moment when I became a mother was detrimental for me, because I started doing what I loved. The last day of the month of May in 2016, everything that inspired me finally took its shape. The desire to shape my creativity has always been there, but I never knew how to truly do that. I slowly began to piece together the puzzle and to explore who I am and what I love. I thought that it would be much more simple... I am someone who is incredibly curious, a person that is fond of exploring, reading, traveling and finding inspiration in everything. That is exactly why I had a difficult time finding a way to express myself. I knew that is would not be a normal product, it would carry a deeper message within it. It would contain pieces of art and everything that makes history captivating.

Nuelis came to be after asking this question over and over again: who am I? That is when the magic started to happen and the answer finally came to me. My love and passion towards silk, jewels and delightful scents are all combined in the making of this brand. Through fine, hand-made pieces, Nuelis will tell the tale of the Italian renaissance, the timeless beauty of Simonetta Vespucci and the talent of Sandro Botticelli. Nuelis is a combination of scents from rose trees from Brazil, the finest silks and precious metals (gold and silver), history and love.

And most of all Nuelis is here for you to experience new things and to draw inspiration!

Except an aesthetic component, which is obvious, can you explain the deeper message within your brand?

Every scarf or every story illustrated on a scarf carries a certain message and vibe, it should be a reminder to us of who we are. The first story is about Simonetta Vespucci and it carries a message of La Sans Parelle (Which is incomparable). The scarf is a reminder that you are incomparable, up until that information becomes one with you. The second story carries the tale of Lasa Pur Dir (Let them talk). This is also a reminder that people around you will always talk, both good and bad things, though that doesn't always define who we are. I am looking forward to every new story!

Why is it crucial for women to be incomparable?

To first see herself as incomparable, because that is the truth of our existence. Nobody is the same and we lose individuality if we compare outselves to others. It is different when people around us are our inspiration. That is exactly why I created Nuelis. For every women that has already realised that she is exactly how she should be, original and matchless. I find it very fascinating that my customers are females that are conscious of their individuality and with incomparable traits, which connects them whether they are from Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, Sarajevo, Kraljevo, Zagreb, Podgorica or Belgrade.

As we can see you are constantly brainstorming. What is the next story, next project?

The next story is here to protect incomparable women from those who posses jealousy and bad intentions. Just like during the Renaissance, exceptional women and bad-mouthing go hand in hand.

A long time ago, after Piran was conquered by the Republic of Venice, lots of wealthy men would come there to make deals. This is the time when a man named Del Bello from Venice fell in love with a humble girl from Piran. As an attempt to proclaim his affection for the girl, Del Bello built her a beautiful home that was near the port and town hall. Soon after the house was built, several jealous citizens started to gossip about Del Bello and his lover. In order to defend themselves from the bad rumors, they decided to put up a stone panel in front of their house that said Lasa Pur Dir, let them talk.