Savannah-based artist Lisa D. Watson’s paintings of bridges, highways and the spaces around and in between invite the viewer to contemplate the impact of our built environment on the natural world.

Cut-out and constructed from reclaimed materials such as industrial waste, junk mail, product packaging, and concrete, her works act as snapshots of the things we see speeding down the highway in our rush to ‘get there’ already. Watson explores the moments of intersection between infrastructure and suburban sprawl with the surrounding natural environment. These points of contact express the dichotomies of life: permanence and change, stillness and movement.

While celebrating humankind's ingenuity to build sweeping structures and thriving cities, it also cautions against modern conveniences demanded by a growing car dependent population that can lead to destruction of indigenous wildlife and ecological habitats. Ultimately, Watson’s paintings express a desire to see humanity strike a balance between the vigor of a burgeoning city and the energy of its natural surroundings.

Watson's artwork has been exhibited nationally in Art on Paper Fair NYC, Telfair's Jepson Center and The Savannah City Hall Rotunda Gallery in Savannah, GA, The Armory Center for the Arts - Pasadena, CA, Roy G. Biv Gallery - Columbus, OH and The Gallery at Paper Mill Village in Marietta, GA where she was awarded with 2 Merit Awards.Watson also owns Plan It Green Design in Savannah, where she consults clients in green interiors, outdoor living spaces and native and drought tolerant garden design.