Welcome to the Showroom and the its first exhibition presenting a group of works executed after 1945, with the exception of a unique poster by the French fin-de-siècle master Henri de Toulouse Lautrec. Some examples: Peter Blake’s Cover for TV Guide, 1995 (1995).

The cover of Sgt. Pepper wasn’t just perfectly matched with the album’s musical innovations, it also came to be an iconic symbol of a subversive, systemic shift. The piece we are showing is the original collage. In his print from 1899, whith the famous Moulin Rouge-dancer Jane Avril, commissioned personally by her, we see her at the peak of her spectacular career.

On her head, she’s wearing an extravagant hat topped with dyed ostrich feathers. But it’s the dress that grabs the viewer’s attention. Its endless squares, rhomboids, and triangles make Victor Vasarely’s IMPHY, which is dated 1956–57, a fascinating piece. The eye and the mind struggle to find some logical progression, but the shapes exist within a magical space where very different rules apply. Other works in the exhibition: From the series Ladies & Gentlemen, by Andy Warhol, Untitled by Joseph Beuys, two works by Niki de Saint Phalle and a Front Store by Christo from 1964-65.