Georg Oddner’s world has room for very little in the way of limitations. Being a multidisciplinary artist, he applied the same sharp perception and abilities to the essential, the deeply human, and the beautiful. He was able to depict the pain of war and loneliness, the eternal lightheartedness of youth, and the melancholy poetry of the brittle, dried husk of a seed pod. He was also a musician. Many would probably agree that you can tell this from his pictures.

This selection of works shines a light on his extraordinarily unbiased eye and his refreshing lack of affectation. In these sensitively captured moments, he tells stories rife with mystery and sensuality. Georg Oddner is one of the true gems in the history of Swedish photography, and his works have been shown in the most important visual art museums and galleries all across the globe.

From the 50s and on, he was an important, award-winning photographer who plied his trade in most of the different areas of photography, such as fashion, advertising, and photojournalism. Georg Oddner learned his craft studying under one of the world’s greatest photographers, Richard Avedon, but his accomplishments were entirely his own. CFHILL is incredibly proud to be presenting one of the most brilliant stars in all the history of Swedish photography.