Ecoismi 2013, an event organized and promoted by the City of Cassano d'Adda, who places the roots of territory in a dialogue with the languages of art and the creativity. The aim is, enhancing local resources and to encourage the promotion of young Italian and international artists.

The artists were selected by a experts jury, on the basis of the 95 applications received from Italy and 27 countries worldwide.

The leitmotiv of Ecoismi 2013 is the same of last year, the binomial man and nature.

In the Park of Island Borromeo, artists realize twelve site-specific installations, able to create a natural relation between art and the environment, culture and local identity. The artworks have an aesthetic and cognitive value, in relation to the processes and transformations that affect the environment and the present condition, to trigger a reflection on ecological and sustainable dynamics.

Radici (Roots) by AtelierFraSe (Francesco Gorni and Serena Montesissa) is an architectural intervention to "experience" the trees as living organisms, through the creation of wood niches in which visitors take their seats. Again in wood is made by The fleet Group (Vasili Macharadze and Bessa Kartlelishvili), the sculptural work Mesh, in which the two authors report an object, the foot into the wild after being initially converted into trigonometric language.

The Blackout project by Ada Kobusiewicz introduces us to the theme of ongoing climate change on our planet and invites to reflect on the question of energy savings. Also Arca (Ark) by Chiara Sgaramella is focused on raising public awareness, her work aims to celebrate biodiversity by building an ark.

The intention of Grace Zanotto with Flower Lux, a photo-luminescent flower that opens to the sun, is to create an installation that speaks of art as a possibility for dialogue between the species that live on Earth, to renegotiate the rights of all living beings.

The geometry is deeply connected to both Ramificioconnessioni by Matteo Rota - which reconstructs the vascular branching of the leaves and branches of trees tie in the three spatial dimensions through the figure of the cube - and the project by Giacomo Zaganelli who wants to pay homage to the relationship between man-nature representing the contemporary environment through a large installation by floral appearance, made with linen thread.

The work Un mondo sommerso (A submerged world) by Diana Franceschin want to flip up and down and the elements earth, air and water, immersing the viewer in a hypothetical dip in the middle of a group of fish. While Skyfield, by Julia Jamrozik, is based on the idea of capturing the ephemeral and changing nature of heaven, and bring it to the ground, providing a new context for its remark.

Päivi Raivio is the author of Unwind, an installation that uses the element of the wind, is composed of aeolian harps, forming a corridor 20 meters long. The project of Selene Volpi concerns sound research of natural elements, Scatole sonore (Boxes Sheet) is an artwork composed by a collection of sculptures that play with the action of the wind.

The project Dada d'Adda di Susanna Battin, is found in many parts of the park and is in direct connection with either observation of the territory of the island and with eleven works realized by other artists.

Opening, Sunday, June 2 10:30 am. Meeting at Castello Visconteo in Piazza Perrucchetti. Follow, guided tour of the artworks realized in the park, accompanied by the artists. At 17:30 - Live act Wast. Sound performances of the group formed by Tonylight, Gianluca Codeghini, Nicola Di Caprio and Marco Vontrapp.

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