Liu Yue says that the eyes of owls could refract light at night, exposing all that were hidden in the dark. As an information carrier for the environment surrounding us, light fascinates him, the light that unveils, is a manifestation of objects in itself.

We are powerless in the finality of light. In the world that emerges in light, day is as full of doubt and uncertainty as night. In the alternation of day, night, and the rotation of time, we carry on with our lives in the luminousness of light, unaware of what envelopes us.

A pair of shoes, a mattress, toys that sing… all set in ruins. Mundane lives are presented before us, as though they have been lived eras prior to ours. Only light persists, piercing through the dark, unveiling all. While I feel unrest from the intensity of light and the discomfort that it causes me, I also recognize that it has a strict path to follow. Even with the complexity of its network and its refractions, its origin is ultimately retraceable. In the light of truth, matter becomes subsidiary to light with traces of life as its subscript. As I comprehend this presupposition, I continue to ponder upon the details and observe all perceivable objects with great interest.

I had long desired to embrace the world, until I saw an owl, where everything became apparent.