Häusler Contemporary München is pleased to present a new type of work by Hubert Kiecol. Kiecol, one of the most significant exponents of contemporary sculpture, is known for his clear, reduced formal vocabulary and for his specific use of everyday materials taken from our built environment. His deliberate reductions of architectural elements emanate equanimous implicitness and archetypal clarity.

The presentation at Häusler Contemporary München now provides insight into the sculptor’s current examinations and thus connects to his exhibition at the Josef Albers Museum Quadrat in Bottrop of 2016. There, Kiecol had for the first time presented excerpts from the cosmos within which his work is located.

On specifically designed tables he had put into dialogue drawings, photographs and prints, which have been created since the 1970s. For his exhibition with us, the artist has chosen the form of the tableau to create open units from the different materials, each underlain with its own pictorial concept. Kiecol himself puts it this way: «The compilation creates references between works from past decades that differ on the level of form and content. Unprecedented connections and a larger cosmos becomes possible.»

Text by Deborah Keller