The title of our show says it all: After having shown different presentations on painting or drawing in the past, we are now focusing on sculpture in a group show. With six artists from our program and one guest artist we visualize the diversity of what object art can be today.

Sculpture is the main character of our first exhibition in the New Year. However, among the selected positions there is only one artist who explicitly appears as a sculptor: Hubert Kiecol. The other artists mostly work cross-genre, some even primarily in two-dimensional media. With their contributions to our exhibition, they all fan out the spectrum of sculptural possibilities: In addition to freestanding floor works, we show wall-based reliefs by Sébastien de Ganay and a suspended sculpture by Jürgen Partenheimer, as well as a ceramics by Judy Ledgerwood, which touches the boarder to applied arts.

The visual language of the works on view seems quite minimal at first glance, but reveals various sensual and interactive facets: from etherally finely nuanced color gradients in Koka Ramishvili’s works, to drawing-like objects by Jürgen Partenheimer and Hubert Kiecol, which represent themselves differently depending on one’s point of view, or the haptic appealing vase by Judy Ledgerwood. Brigitte Kowanz creates a true pull of sensory impressions with mirrors and neon writing, and guest artist Haroon Mirza extends the objectuality to the dimension of sound.

Our exhibition thus illustrates a core theme of what sculpture is: an active counterpart in space and time.