Born in Ivory Coast in 1979, Médéric was only 4 years old when he began drawing in the manner of popular cartoons and imitating the work of great masters such as Picasso, Dalí or Basquiat.

In 1984 Médéric's father, who was in the forces, accepted a post in the USA and the family moved to Washington D.C. where Médéric Turay assimilated North American musical and artistic influences. In 1995, the family moved back to Ivory Coast where the young artist finished school to then begin his training in a Fine Arts School with an aim to find his roots and culture through art. In 1999 he was awarded "Best Young Artist of West Africa".

Médéric Turay completed his diploma at Ivory Coast's National Institute of the Arts (INSAC) in the year 2000 and from that moment began to accumulate numerous awards and diplomas hosted by embassies and important companies in Abidjan.