Lorien Stern’s work is highly celebrated for its playful approach to both lighthearted and menacing subjects. The artist has created her own universe of whimsical characters, each varying in form and palate. Working within sculpture, painting and textile, Stern’s work is instantly recognizable for its vibrant levity.

Chums focuses on the seemingly dubious relationships between sharks and other maritime creatures. The exhibition features a colorful assortment of the artist’s iconic shark heads as well as an array of fish and birds. Stern is particularly interested in the mutually beneficial friendship between pilot fish and sharks.

Swimming alongside one another, the fish gain protection from predators, while the shark gains freedom from parasites. In response, the artist created every piece in the exhibition to have a counterpart — each work matches to another through pattern and color. Transcending species and trepidation, Chums celebrates the power of connection.