In Gábor Arion Kudász's series titled 'Human' the repetitive bricks on the pictures serve as a simplified model of how the universe's continuous fabric can be broken down into formed entities, and can be understood through reorder of units. The brick here is, therefore, a conceptual construct, a building block, a module, a component. The thoughts accompanying the series show, that the bricks invented at the dawn of civilization, and the consequences of the discovery have influenced the direction of human thinking in numerous ways.

After the proposal of the Büro for Kunst in 2014, Arion started to deal with the creation of a brick-related photographic plan for the Wienerberger's contemporary photographic collection, then he produced photographs in Hungarian, Romanian and Bulgarian brick factories and on the roads between them, in a period two summers.

The series won the first Robert Capa Photography Prize in 2015, it was featured in the Leopold Bloom Fine Arts Award and Le Bal Award for Young Artists with ADAGP, and in 2016 he was awarded at the Conscientious Portfolio Competition. The apropo of the exhibition is provided by the photo book in March, which will be presented at the finissage of the exhibition.