The exhibition art is where the heart is Vol. 2, in comparison to Vol.1, focuses on internationally well-known artists with a figurative mode of expression. The viewer is going to see artworks that deal with our everyday surroundings, ordinary objects and urban environment, with social and political topics or they will take you into fairytale-like and surrealistic dream worlds. All the artists have in common that the trivial everyday life gives them enough artistic tools they can work with.

A few of the presented artists also began painting within public spaces at the beginning of their career and in some of the figurative canvas works exhibited, elements of classical graffiti can still be found. Os Gemeos for example are one of the most important artists of the urban art scene, dealing today with Graffiti and Hip-Hop related topics. Peter Saul already painted neon-bright colour artworks with political, ironic content in the 60’s and is an important influencer for a lot of artists exhibited.

Super A is also known for his critical black humour, he brings onto his realistically oil painted artworks and huge murals. Hendrik Beikirch furthermore paints remarkable black and white portraits of older workers and brings them onto huge public architectural walls worldwide. Libby Black e.g. creates paper objects, which are known from fashion and pop culture. She deals with the media hypes people are attracted to and asks her why human beings have to buy objects, just because they want to belong to a certain kind of social classes. These are just some examples of the wide range of the extraordinary artists who are exhibiting within the second group show art is where the heart is Vol.2. The exhibition will give the viewer a diverse glimpse at realistically and naturalistically creating artists with completely different output and approaches.