The Collection of Viceregal and 19th Century Art consists of works made during the colonial period (1521-1821) and early Independent Mexico (until 1900).

Pieces of various techniques have been gathered as a showcase of the artistic diversity in these historical periods. In painting: oil on canvas, copper, and tin plates. In sculpture: woodwork, some with polychrome decorations and other ornamentations. In furniture various techniques were also used, although wood is the main material, combined with leather, silk, and velvet for chairs and armchairs; while in trunks, chests, desks, and drawers complementary or ornamental materials as ivory, metal or other wood, and painting materials were used.

A tour of the galleries allows us to peer into the past and appreciate paintings, sculptures, furniture and decorative arts that combined create an experience linked to family and intimate spaces maintained in an original 19th century home.