Having been successfully presented for many years by Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the annual art competition and exhibition the “Taipei Art Awards” is a testament to the dynamism of Taiwan's contemporary art development and serves as a predictor of up and coming art trends.

TFAM took over its organization upon the museum’s establishment in 1983. The award encourages outstanding artists and promotes artwork rich in content capturing the spirit of the times, thus stimulating new ideas and creative energy. Also included in the “2017 Taipei Art Awards” is the Audience Choice Award, which is organized with the objective of deepening audience participation and invigorating the power of collective thinking.

After three-stage selection, the grand prize of “2017 Taipei Art Awards” is Hualien White Lighthouse by Yu-Song Wang. The honourable mention is for 5 artists: Chi-Yu Wu, Hsuan Hung, Chung-Han Yao, Liang-Hsuan Chen, Pei-Mao Sun. The judges award is obtained by Kai-Chun Chiang, Sih-Chin Wu, Cheng-Liang Li, Chieh-Sen Chiu, Yi-Min Huang, Chi-Chuan Yang and Shuai-Cheng Pu. Due to the current renovation of TFAM, the competition result (the 13 pieces of works) will be shown in MOCA, Taipei from November 23, 2017 to February 4, 2018.