The fifth floor includes four exhibitions: The Discovery pathway of Science, The World of Science for fun, The Magical World of Physics and The Magical World of Chemistry.

Motion Trajectory– Square-wheel Bicycle: Does a wheel have to be round? The next question is “Can it roll forward on the road?” If pentagonal or octagonal wheels are used instead, can the bicycle now move forward? Looking carefully at the wheel frame and the road surface, we ask, “what is the underlying principle that makes this possible?”

Bernoulli’s Principle: Why are the wings of airplanes curved? Why are birds’ wings awry? What shape is a kite once it is in the air? How do you keep a ball floating in the air from falling? Come and experience the miracle of Bernoulli’s law!

Echo Tube: echoes and reverberations are the phenomena of the reflection of sound. A reflection is created when sound wave incident on a big object.

The Lightning Ball: A minute amount of mercury vapor or another inert gas is introduced to an enclosed evacuated container and an high voltage is applied. The gas, which is electrically conductive, is then partially ionized (known as plasma). Electrical discharge in an ionized gas may emit light (which is similar to the lightning we see in the air during a storm.).

Staying Your Shadow on the Wall: Where there is light, there is shadow. The shadow can only do what the owner does, but here, you can leave your shadow behind for a few seconds. Then you can try to shake hands with your own shadow. Don't believe it? Come try!

Conversation Piece: Do you need to raise you voice when talking to your friend if you are separated by a big balloon? Is it filled with air? Then it is still possibles! Would the effect be the same if a small balloon was used instead? How is this possible? The answer is…… it is a sound lens!

Vacuum Discharge: The magicians in the movies always seem to have a glowing crystal ball. Come and try ours for yourself! You can also have the mystic power to absorb electricity and make a fluorescent tube glow!