The "Centennial of the Women in Romanian Art" exhibition is part of the project "Guests to the Museum of Contemporary Art" comprised in the 2017 Brukenthal Bicentennial cultural agenda. The exhibition also marks the launch of the Great Union Centennial.

Based on research, the exhibition presents original artworks, artefacts, memorabilia, catalogs, digital archive, a series of infographics presenting the sub-themes of the research, and two video projections: a generous selection of video interviews with contemporary artists and another that runs a wide array of images of works of art made by female artists during the period of last hundred years.

The novelty of the exhibition is the approach in presentation, as both index and digital archive of more than 850 artists from Romania, some of them less known due to the fact that they have not yet benefited from historical recovery and revaluation.

The works on display are part of the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art inside Brukenthal National Museum, the George Șerban Collection and the Nasui Collection & Gallery.