Memorials for anti-communist resistance: Temporary contemporary monumental sculptures in Romania The project ”Moving Monuments: Memorials of Anti-Communist Resistance” travels contemporary monumental sculptures to cities in Romania which either hosted detention facilities or experienced resistance movements during communist times (1946-1989): Pitești, Râmnicu Sărat, Brașov.

The artist Catalin Badarau proposes an installation of 11 large scale sculptures in Pitești Prison, called ”Depersonalisation”. The carved-polystyrene sculptures are 3.5 metres each.

The ”Pitești Experiment” as the Prison was called, implemented by a group of prisoners under the guidance of the prison administration, was designed to “reeducate” by transforming the young political prisoners into guardians. Thousands of high-school pupils, students and intellectuals had been tortured during the Experiment, which unfolded 1949-1951.

The “Prison of Silence” Memorial in Râmnicu Sărat hosts the artwork of Bogdan Rața, called ”View from Light”. The 2.6-metre sculpture is made of polyester, fiber, synthetic resin and metal, contemporary materials the artist uses for his artworks. The sculpture represents a silhouette on its knees, with the hands showing two signs in deaf-mute language: ”God is here”.

The prison in Râmnicu Sărat was operated for several years as a transit point for political prisoners who were being transferred to other detention centres to serve their sentence. A series of representatives of political parties, clergymen, as well as other unwanted persons were afterwards incarcerated for longer periods of time in “The Prison of Silence”. Among the most famous prisoners were former leaders of democratic parties, such as Ion Mihalache, Ilie Lazăr, Victor Rădulescu Pogoneanu or Corneliu Coposu.

The artist Aurel Vlad brings his impactful 21-piece sculptural installation to the city to commemorate the 1987 Rise of Brașov, an action of protest against the economical and social tough measures imposed by Nicolae Ceaușescu. The rebellion took place at the lorry factory ”Red Flag” in Brașov.

This project ”Memorials for anti-communist resistance: Temporary contemporary monumental sculptures in Romania” is produced and organised by Nasui Collection & Gallery and co-financed by The Romanian National Cultural Administration Fund, from July 2017.