Vartai gallery is pleased to announce Malnutrition, an exhibition by Lithuanian artist Egle Jauncems. In the works on show the artist makes light of professional cuisine's affinity for towering hats, star ratings, and chefs, in a way that extends her ongoing investigations into male power, the history of painting, and the relationship between truth and appearance.


Too Much or Too Little. The results from an excessive or inadequate intake of nutrients.

Walking into the pastry shop I can see him rolling a piece of dough on the floury table. A glass wall is separating us but I can still feel the smell of the sweat running down his forehead. He raises an arm to wipe the drips gathering in between his wrinkles and I smile. I am watching his long and strong fingers running up and down the table, flour, dough and the rolling pin. His veins are pulsating. His eyes are burning with excitement and ambition. He proves to be tough and hard-working, creative and caring, consistent and forward thinking.

The dough is evenly spread on the table and is now being cut into round circles with the accuracy and precision of a real man. Speed and knowledge mean they go into and out of the oven quickly. After cooling for 10 minutes, the biscuit is crispy and crunchy. He checks it again to make sure it is crispy and crunchy.

Whipping cream has never been so easy. Inside of the mixing bowl I can already see the instant rise of egg white into fame and power. The man proofs its success by adding more and more sugar. Spoon by spoon the flavour develops into a rich, thick and organic nutrient. The working temperature increases and his presence in the space becomes slightly intimidating, scary and terrifying. However, I understand that such a reaction only transports his nature into another dimension of being. Dangerous, he becomes even more attractive and moist. There is no rest for the wicked.

He starts squeezing cream on to the biscuit. Going around in circles he builds a tower of soft substance, cutting edges and a proud peak. He finishes the composition by adding a piece of skilfully crafted decoration.

I leave the shop.

Egle Jauncems (b. 1984) currently works and lives in London. Prior to beginning her first BA degree in Sinology at Vilnius University she was closely involved in the alternative music scene in Vilnius as a recording and performing artist. After spending almost 4 years exploring and living in the Far East, Egle moved back to Europe where she gained her second BA degree from Chelsea College of Arts in 2013. In 2017 Egle completed her MA degree in painting at the Royal College of Art. Recent shows include Dausuva, Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuanian, Vilnius (2017), Cybernetic Meadow, Averard Hotel, London (2016), Demimonde, Amberwood House, London (2015), Khobz, Marrakesh Biennial (2014). In 2015 Egle was awarded the David Hockney Art Foundation Scholarship.