Jake Fischer’s paintings also play with light. Painted in a semi-impressionistic style, Fischer’s nighttime New York scenes highlight everyday moments, and the man-made, constructed light that marks human life and movement--glowing windows, car headlights, streetlights. His paintings focus on light harnessed in an urban environment, and position the light as an ethereal contrast against the more concrete aspects of the human experience.

Fischer is a painter born and raised in Arizona, currently based out of New York. With a Masters of Fine Art from Arizona State University, Fischer works primarily in two-dimensional, traditional mediums including charcoal and oil. He handcrafts his wooden panels with a Japanese hand-saw.

His current body of work explores the relationship between the tangible and intangible aspects of everyday experience. In 2016, Island Weiss Gallery hosted Fischer’s first solo exhibition in New York, and Fischer has received the Gerry Grout Award, the Eirene Peggy Lamb Award, and the Ruth Katzman Scholarship.