Mark Pomilio’s semi-translucent, overlapping, often-symmetrical shapes immediately scream “structure,” and that’s exactly the point.

Through simple geometric equations that yield “parent” geometric forms, and a systematic multiplying and folding of those forms, Pomilio creates work that commands your attention as it walks the line between organic forms and human intervention. He pushes this line further with a recurring form; the contour of a house, which evokes the profound changes the family nucleus will undergo as new discoveries in life sciences (like cloning) knit their way into the mainstream.

Pomilio currently teaches painting and drawing at Arizona State University. He has exhibited his work extensively across the United States and abroad. His work is included in private collections, as well as the permanent collections of Baylor University, Martin Museum of Art, Waco, TX; Dupont Corporation, Wilmington, DE; University of Arizona, Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.