Patterns are a part of all life – a heartbeat, breathing, sunrise and sunset, but I work to distinguish difference in these patterns of life.

Häusler Contemporary München proudly presents for the first time ceramics by Judy Ledgerwood that she developed in 2016/17 at Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg. In combination with recent paintings, the artist’s exhibition again celebrates color, form and ornament – elements with which she simultaneously knits a dense net of symbolic and art historical references.

Like almost no other artistic position, American painter Judy Ledgerwood (*1959, Brazil, US, lives in Chicago, US) shows courage for shiny colors and ornaments. Her canvasses and wall paintings captivate viewers with their rhythmized aesthetics that is full of intentional breaks and contains reflections on femininity just as multilayered art historical references. Furthermore, her works represent a permeable border between fine arts and applied arts. Several residencies at Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg since 2016 now offered Ledgerwood the unique occasion to further pursue her artistic approach in traditional handicraft.

We are delighted to first present at our Munich gallery the results of Judy Ledgerwood’s work stays in Nymphenburg.