The exhibition "Arbeiten Gehen", curated by the artist group "Galerie BRD" was opened last Friday, December 1st in the Jahn und Jahn Gallery and can be seen or better experienced until January 2018.

The exhibition reveals a place that entices to coffee and relaxation. The viewer is confronted with four to five small round tables covered with a pink blanket. In the corner hangs a TV, as next to it, one can see a table for self-service, in the background is place for children's toys. The atmosphere of the whole installation reminds strongly on a “come-back of socialism”, which elements are invisible in the air. The artists of the exhibition have set themselves the goal of integrating art into everyday life and visualize it as a manifesto of modern slavery.

The curated exhibition of the "Galerie BRD" implements art very pragmatically and by that helps visualizing subordinate socio-political questions, such as: who determines how long and how much one has to work? Is our working system a kind of modern slavery? What happens if you do not work? The exhibition title “Arbeiten Gehen”, consisting of the two nouns work and walk, implies that not only we go to work, but also that our work goes … somewhere else: from shift work to part-time and finally offshore – in no time.

The artistic media have a special affinity to the real world out there, they are palpable, edible and real in every way. Texts are another supporting element of the exhibition, as even strong visual representation needs a linguistic level in order to be critically questioned or to be negotiable.

The artist group "Galerie BRD" has no fixed location, the exhibitions take place in different cities. The artists of the group live in cities like Leipzig, Hamburg or Berlin and pursue their own work in the first place. The gallery does not see itself as a collective, but as a loose association. Content-motivated it comes to the group exhibitions - just like now in Galerie Jahn and Jahn.

Text by Sofia Sokolov.