This group exhibition showcases the paintings and photography of a select group of gallery and chosen artists from around the globe whose dynamic compositions and narratives are contained with a “small canvas.” From Contemporary to Secondary, Hyper-realism to Surrealism, this exhibit shouldn’t be missed! This show was conceived to address numerous challenges our collectors have shared: Limited space – Our collectors love to collect artwork but they are running out of space!

Discover New Artists – This show presents an exciting opportunity to add work from new artists to your collection.

Lower shipping costs – Small work makes shipping quick and affordable, and they make the perfect gift. New trends – modern architecture is showing less walls for artwork and more walls of glass; this limited space is tailor made for fabulous smaller works of art.

Make a statement – With fewer works of art being incorporated into an environment it is essential that the ones chosen create a dynamic statement.

Realism is the next BIG thing – After years of abstract art trending, we welcome the pendulum now swinging back to our niche of realism! A small piece is the perfect way to introduce and explore this genre, and our narratives will have everyone talking!