The idea for a two-person exhibition by Ernst Gamperl and Maria van Kesteren was conceived a number of years ago by Monique Deul, Director of Taste Contemporary. Having finally brought these two disparate yet connected voices together to discuss their work at Maria’s home in Hilversum, a date for the proposed show was eventually agreed. Taste Contemporary is therefore now proud to present Ernst Gamperl & Maria van Kesteren; a unique dialogue between two exceptional artists. Previewing on December 7th, the exhibition runs until December 22nd 2017 at Rue Abraham Constantin 6, 1206 Geneva.

Throughout her long career, Maria van Kesteren has maintained a consistent approach to wood. Using the circular form as a starting point and utilising the tension between inner and outer forms, her surfaces are stained or painted so that the characteristics of the material become completely subservient to form while the definitions and tensions between interior and exterior space shine. Highly altered and refined, with smooth matt finishes, we almost ask ourselves ‘is that wood?’ But throughout this exploration her authority and dedication to perfection is apparent as she asserts her dominance, allowing just a whisper of the tree to remain within the remnants of the original circle.

Ernst Gamperl`s interaction with wood takes him on a different path although the circle remains his starting point and favourite form. Celebrating the wood he guides the raw material, allowing the tree to have its say in a journey that involves a more robust conversation. As a viewer we are drawn to instinctively reach out and touch the wood, to feel a visceral connection with form that at times appears to be only degrees away from its original incarnation. While his trees continue to speak in his finished work, Ernst remains in control throughout the making process. Just like Maria van Kesteren, he presents a refined finish, but in his case one that strives to retain a delicate balance between the wood telling its own story and the artist imposing his will.