Featuring: Wallace Berman, Spencer Brown-Pearn, James Casebere, Jonathan Cross, Steve Dennie, Sam Francis, Linnea Glatt, Terrell James, Otis Jones, Toni LaSelle, Doug MacWithey, Claes Oldenberg, Tom Orr, John-Paul Philippe, Adam Raymont, Dan Rizzie, Andrea Rosenberg, Richard Serra, Allison V. Smith, Liz Trosper, John Wilcox, Robert Wilhite, Danny Williams, and Mark Williams.

With It’s Only Black and White…But I Like It, the gallery continues its ongoing tradition of adapting song titles to exhibition titles; this show follows last year’s (Bob Dylan’s) Tangled Up in Blue.

This exhibition features two-dozen artists in a variety of media; some who typically work in black & white, and some who do occasionally.