In keeping with winter and its long silent nights that are now upon us, “Dark Style” seems an apt title for the upcoming exhibition. The beauty and richness of dark colors are evident to us in the works selected.

From Fujiwara Shiho come a series of various different impressions through the use of dark Chinese ink on Japanese paper, while the monochrome prints of Yanagisawa Noriko are evocative of scenes from mythology.

In the photographs of Koeda Shigeaki we see a combination of the naturally beautiful colors of flowers and artificial dark colors. From the field of oil paintings, Akatsuka Yujidraws humorous shapes in deep colors, Baba Kentaro creates his paintings that have his characteristic shiny dark surface, and Yoshikawa Tamihito presents us with sophisticated, dominantly black paintings themed on “night” or “darkness.” Here too are works from Mono-ha artists Suga Kishio, Sekine Nobuo and Lee Ufan.